In Pursuit of the Perfect Board

The best kept secret of surfing today, California history and Santa Cruz legends.
“There are plenty of names people normally associate with Santa Cruz: Peter Mel, Anthony Ruffo, Ken "Skindog" Collins, Flea...certainly the name O'Neill has been branded into the identity of this scruffy little Northern California surf town. Doug Haut started surfing in Santa Cruz in 1957 -- before wetsuits, before leashes, before the university, before crowds.” - Surfline

Since 1965, records of every board, board owner and cost has been recorded and penciled in journals. Doug Haut is pushing 78 years old has occupied the same shop since 1969. Haut has hand shaped over 30,000 boards to date! That is about 2 a day, 10 a week and 40 a month!

"He's one of the last true sculptors of foam art," says Richard Novak.